Pluck is by far the broadest Customer Interaction Platform available. It gives you 14 social Applications, a deep catalog of Capabilities and a complete set of Workbenches for developers and managers.

APPLICATIONS: Power Pluck’s out-of-the-box experience Learn More
CAPABILITIES: Platform features that enrich community experiences Learn More
ENGINES: “Under the hood” software that powers Pluck Learn More
APIs: Makes Pluck both simple and flexible Learn More
COLLECTIONS: A set of out-of-the-box widgets that can be displayed in Web, mobile, Facebook and other page templates. Learn More
WORKBENCHES: Pluck’s community oversight and management tools. Learn More

Pluck gives you everything you need to:

Make your brand experience more social. Use Pluck’s applications and platform capabilities to make your website a showcase for topics and passions that surround your brand.

Create a social experience that is unique to you. Protect and complement your brand experience by selecting – and easily and quickly customizing – just the right combination of Pluck features.

Craft an integrated customer experience that works for your business. Grow your audience with Pluck’s Engagement capabilities. Turn visitors into customers with our platform’s Conversion features. Create enduring loyalty and far-reaching word of mouth with Pluck’s Loyalty capabilities.

Deliver a social experience that is everywhere your audience touches you. Improve the consistency of your brand experience with a single Pluck-powered community that spans your website, mobile channels and Facebook.

And more

More Flexibility. No two Pluck deployments are the same. Pluck’s applications and features can be deployed in any combination you require. You have complete control over how Pluck appears on the page. And if you need an application or feature we haven’t built, use our SDKs to build it yourself.

More Performance. Pluck-powered customer experiences come in all shapes and sizes, but if you need performance, we’ve got it. Our communities serve up more than a billion page views per month. We support communities with ten million members and more. We’ve handled sustained transaction rates of 4,000 tps from single communities. Bring it on.

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