The Pluck API has been at the vanguard of the social media industry since it was first published in 2007. From its inception the Pluck API has demonstrated that radical simplicity and extreme flexibility are not mutually exclusive. Rich social experiences can be dropped onto Web pages with a single line of JavaScript, and styled by CSS. Or, completely novel features can be developed using the Pluck platform and deployed to the Web or any other digital channel.


All Pluck Applications come in easy-to-use widget form: one line of JavaScript brings a complete, end-to-end experience like Forums to your Web pages. You’ll also benefit from the UI expertise we’ve earned through years of experience helping clients craft engaging customer experiences. Group Widget


Every feature seen in a widget can also be accessed through our SDKs. Custom data structures can also be used to build unique, brand-specific social interactions. The more than 500 Social Components contained in our SDKs let developers make anything brands can envision.

Mood Slider via SDK