Pluck Widgets give you the power of the entire platform in a package that is simple to integrate and style. A single line of code provides the vast functionality of all the Applications and Collections, including Reviews, Forums, Comments, Galleries and more.

Why widgets?

  • Give developers a huge head start in building a community with feature-rich Applications and Collections
  • Simplify the integration of community into a brand’s existing content
  • Drop widgets onto your site in minutes with a single line of code, and no setup is necessary in most Applications.
  • Give designers fine-grained control over styling and branding with a consistent architecture

What’s in them

  • Client-side invocations with a single line of JavaScript or a specialized HTML tag
  • Server-side invocations with a single URL request
  • Identical parameters and consistent content returned by Pluck regardless of the invocation method
  • Built-in, broad integration with all of the Pluck Engines


Pluck Widgets contain the content and extensive workflow necessary to give community members a rich and rewarding experience. Their design draws on our years of experience providing seamless social interactions.

All Pluck Widgets connect out of the box with the appropriate Pluck Engines with no developer effort required. Consistent and granular CSS classes give designers reliable and complete control of styling, which ensures that Widgets are consistent with brand guidelines and integrate well into Web, mobile and Facebook pages.

For more information, please drop us a note to Learn More.