Pluck includes fourteen Applications, all of which deliver out-of-the-box, feature-rich customer experiences. These Applications can be used in any combination to create the precise interactions that your business and marketing objectives demand.

Built for quick browser-side inclusion, or server-based implementation for SEO, Pluck Applications represent more than five years and hundreds of thousands of hours of product development cycles. They are built to be seamlessly integrated into Web, mobile and Facebook destinations and are delivered tens of millions of times each day to communities hosted by such market leaders as the NFL, Kraft Foods and Target.

Pluck’s Applications comprise four functional families. They are all powered by Pluck Engines and Technology, managed by Pluck Workbenches and available through the robust Pluck API.

Pluck Applications are tuned to deliver compelling solutions that map to our Pluck Solutions, deliver tangible business Outcomes, and serve a variety of cross-functional Roles.

Feedback Applications

These applications accessorize existing page templates dedicated to products, articles, and other media assets. They provide consumers with an opportunity to offer quick, value-added perspectives. Pluck ReactionsRatingsPolls, Comments and Reviews can be used individually or in combination to solicit Feedback interactions.

Contribution Applications

These applications enrich digital experiences by making it easy for consumers to upload media and author longer form submissions, entries, stories and more. Pluck BlogsGalleries and Contests work across audience groups and media types.

Assistance Applications

This category of application lets community members exchange information and carry on discussions. Pluck ForumsGroupsMessages and Shares allow customer-to-customer, customer-to-friend and customer-to-company interactions.

Representation Applications

These applications encourage consumers to connect, build, manage and present their online profiles. Pluck Social Sign-On and Personas comprise the hub of a consumer’s online presence.

Please visit one of the Application pages listed above, or drop us a note to learn more.