Pluck Blogs inspires engaging long-form content, whether staff- or consumer-generated, with high SEO value. Blog content attracts visitors to the brand, increases community engagement and time on site, and launches discussions on a potentially broad range of topics. As a relatively high-effort social application, blogs can also help surface a community’s most committed and most influential members.

What it does for you

  • Provides a vehicle for original, quality content
  • Surfaces experience, passion and expertise
  • Informs and educates readers
  • Drives search traffic

What’s in it

  • Personal Blogs
  • Public Blogs
  • Rich media support
  • Integrated Comments and Reactions
  • Integrated Discovery
  • RSS support
  • Multi-author Blogs
  • Content tagging
  • Advanced Moderation
  • Permalinks
  • SEO and Friendly URLs

How to use it

  • Expert staff and customer articles
  • Product announcements
  • Customer journals and testimonials

See it in action

Frommers – Founder Arther Frommer’s blog provides ongoing exposure to the passions and values that drive the popular travel business, while staff expert blogs enhance the site’s authority and credibility

Homeclick – The home improvement shopping site uses Pluck Blogs for sharing expert commentary and as a platform for DIY and Buying Guides.

Kraft First Taste – This site dedicated to new Kraft products gives members their own Persona (i.e., profile-based) blogs.

AARP – Members of the huge AARP community are encouraged to publish personal blogs through their Pluck Personas.

Black and Decker – The tools manufacturer has customized Pluck Blogs to allow do-it-yourselfer’s to document their home improvement projects in a step-by-step fashion.


Blogs are an established vehicle for delivering long-form and often rich-media content. Pluck Blogs is a full-featured blogging application that facilitates the creation and management of consumer- or staff-generated content under the themes, structure and control of a site’s editorial values and brand. With Pluck Blogs, brands can host conversations and benefit from the resulting new, relevant site content. Giving community participants a venue for expressing opinions, chronicling events, publishing articles, and communicating with other visitors helps brands to build a dynamic, interactive community.

With its ability to promote individual expression through Persona Blogs, power expert Q&A through Multi-author Blogs and share customer experiences through Public Blogs, Pluck Blogs is a versatile vehicle for generating quality, long-form content designed for community interaction. Pluck Blogs include embedded scoring and comments that encourage user interaction.

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