Pluck Comments drives conversation around articles and other core site content. Comments have a demonstrated ability to stimulate consumer engagement, time on site and page views.

What it does for you

  • Provides a low-effort first step to community participation
  • Empowers expression and feedback
  • Connects authors and readers
  • Increases engagement and time on site
  • Broadens topical conversations

What’s in it

  • Threaded replies
  • Integrated Mini-personas
  • Inline Moderation
  • Ignore Users
  • Voting and Scoring
  • Social Publishing
  • Integrated Discovery
  • Mobile Web Optimization
  • Rewards
  • Trust Filters
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Featured Users and Comments
  • Crowd-sourced opinions
  • Social Bridging
  • Permalinks
  • Advanced Moderation
  • RSS support

How to use it

  • Content comments
  • Customer views, conclusions and feedback
  • Event appraisals

See it in action

NFL – Fans provide their views on league stories and videos

Barbie Collector by Mattel – Barbie enthusiasts can comment on ensembles and photos

SKY News – Readers use Pluck Comments to weigh in on news, entertainment and sports articles


Designed for very high traffic and contribution volumes, Pluck Comments is a flexible application powering conversation on some of the world’s leading websites. Pluck Comments gives voice to people who want to react to original website content and engage in related topical conversations.

For publishers, Pluck Comments provides an especially valuable enhancement to core editorial content, with a demonstrated ability to drive page views. For brands, Pluck Comments is a versatile application with uses far beyond the traditional. Organizations as diverse as Whole Foods and the NFL use Pluck Comments to create conversation around their core site content and experiences.

Comments are also integrated into other Pluck Applications, including Galleries, Reviews and Blogs, which provides a consistent and dependable form of interaction across the community.

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