Pluck Contests enhances the platform’s video and photo galleries with competitive features.

What it does for you

  • Stimulates contribution of high-value photo and video content
  • Fosters a competitive environment
  • Promotes user sharing
  • Engages and entertains community members

What’s in it

  • Photo and Video support
  • Voting and Scoring
  • Social Sharing and Syndication
  • Advanced Moderation
  • Rewards
  • Integrated Comments
  • Tagging
  • Integrated Discovery
  • Robust Gallery Management

How to use it

  • Competitions and event coverage
  • Promotions and campaigns
  • Content seeding


Pluck Contests combine media contributions, gallery management and competition powered by the Pluck Reputation Engine to produce engaging, highly interactive contests.

While Pluck Galleries promotes sharing and interaction, Pluck Contests provides particular built-in features around voting, timelines and scoring that turn media contributions into engaging events that drive traffic.

Pluck Contests’ Media Management capabilities give brands control over the content in contests, and make it easy to migrate contest submissions to evergreen galleries once a competition has completed. Contests also promote user engagement and attention through the awarding of points and badges during and at the conclusion of a given contest.

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