Pluck Galleries gives community members an easy-to-use place to contribute rich media content. Videos and photos reliably stimulate visitor engagement and page view growth.

What it does for you

  • Supports rich community content
  • Engages and entertains community members and visitors
  • Promotes user sharing
  • Increases contributions

What’s in it

  • Photo and Video support
  • Public galleries
  • Voting and Reactions
  • Social Sharing and Syndication
  • Advanced moderation
  • Rewards
  • Personal galleries
  • Integrated Comments
  • Tagging
  • Integrated Discovery
  • Robust gallery management

How to use it

  • Citizen journalism
  • Live event coverage
  • Education and instruction

See it in action

Architectural Record by McGraw-Hill Companies – An award-winning site recognized for its photo galleries dedicated to architecture

Nike – Provides a custom implementation of Pluck Galleries that lets members upload videos of their golf swing, and then compare their swing with the videotaped swings of other members or chosen golf pros by editing and syncing the two videos


Pluck Galleries offers a rich mechanism for photo and video sharing that can be integrated into any community experience. Engineered to drive participation and interaction around contributors’ submissions, Pluck Galleries lets community members upload and display their favorite photos and videos.

With Pluck Galleries, sites benefit from increased visitor interactivity and clicks, while building a lively community and new page inventory.

Pluck Galleries includes the ability for individuals to share personal media from their own Persona with friends and chosen community members. It also supports sharing and featuring media content across the entire community. Galleries can include embedded comments and scoring for capturing community member interaction and feedback.

Since photo and video content requires special care and review, the Pluck Moderation Engine includes dedicated photo and video content moderation and management capabilities. Content within galleries can be managed as needed including the ability to move or copy designated contributions between galleries.

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