Pluck Groups gives brands and individual community members the ability to launch and manage full-featured sub-communities. Groups are a terrific vehicle for creating a custom community experience in a large community setting. Groups give consumers more reasons to come to and remain in the community, which in turn can boost consumer engagement and increase brand authority and credibility.

What it does for you

  • Makes a variety of audiences feel “at home”
  • Empowers collaboration and community
  • Accommodates the passions and expertise of multiple audiences
  • Features topical content

What’s in it

  • Drag-and-drop layout tool
  • Membership control
  • Blogs
  • Events
  • Group Wall
  • Discussions
  • Media galleries
  • Polls
  • Tear-off support
  • Activity and Discovery Feeds

How to use it

  • Enthusiast gated or mini-communities
  • Base for member-defined interests and collections
  • Reserve for collaboration and sharing
  • Private communities

See it in action

AARP – Nearly 900 member-generated Groups in service of a very large number of topic-focused audience

doc2doc by British Medical Journal – The physicians in this closed community have created specialty- and region-focused Groups

Runner’s World by Rodale – Supports numerous regional and topical Groups


Communities, whether real or virtual, are not homogenous. Large groups invariably break into smaller sub-communities formed around areas of interest or affinity. Pluck Groups enables this kind of affiliation and aggregation at Pluck-powered social destinations.

With integrated blogs, forums, events, video and photo galleries, and social networking tools, Pluck Groups provides a more tightly-knit environment for participants to connect, contribute and engage more deeply within a community.

For brands, Pluck Groups enables viral promotion, more frequent interaction, and increased engagement. These features help participants to find the right community content, and turn community members into community leaders by empowering them to create and manage their own Groups.

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