Pluck Private Messages enables community members to communicate with each other in a private channel. It also supports community notifications that connect and inform community members.

What it does for you

  • Builds and encourages in-community relationships
  • Facilitates internal communication
  • Keeps users connected to the community

What’s in it

  • Inbox Management
  • Convenient composition
  • Persona integration
  • Ignored messages filtering
  • Mini-persona access
  • Embedded content support
  • Email Notifications
  • Embedded throughout Pluck Applications
  • Stand-alone support
  • Replies and forwards
  • Friends, Followers or Site-wide configurable

How to use it

  • Peer-to-peer communications
  • Moderator and community manager contact
  • Product questions and trading


While community thrives on public contributions, community members also enjoy being able to communicate in closed threads. Pluck Private Messages supports private communication between individuals or groups of members. Whether used from within their Pluck Personas or via stand-alone access, Private Messages provides community members with a valuable vehicle for connecting, asking questions and facilitating private transactions.

With integrated email notifications, Private Messages keeps members connected to the community and its activity when they are not logged in. Private Messages also is of value to community moderators and managers who need to connect with members for assistance or reprimand. With direct access to Private Messages via the Mini-persona, community members can contact each other from within Pluck Reviews, Forums, Comments and Blogs, which further lowers the bar to relationship building and affinity.

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