Pluck Personas in many ways is the most important application in the entire platform. Personas is where newcomers define their identity in the community, and where members record and reflect their relationships and interactions there. The Personas application increases time on site and content-sharing between users, while providing a gateway to social destinations like Facebook and Twitter.

What it does for you

  • Collects and reports on community activity
  • Drives interaction and relationships
  • Connects external networks
  • Enables communication and interaction
  • Promotes self-expression

What’s in it

  • 1st and 3rd Party Views
  • Configurable activity tabs
  • Friend and Follow
  • Personal Blogs
  • Private Messaging
  • Subscriptions and Notifications
  • Badges and Leader Boards
  • Social Connectors, Status, Friends, Login
  • Connection Hub
  • Status Messages
  • Ignore Lists
  • Photo Sharing
  • Privacy management
  • Public Messages
  • Discovery
  • Mobile Web Version

How to use it

  • Member activity center
  • User self-expression
  • Capture customer insights

See it in action

Barbie Collector by Mattel – Features a Barbie-themed Personas deployment with nice use of Galleries

Very Best Baking by Nestlé – Provides a showcase for Pluck Rewards-driven “Brownie Points”

Get Into Gardening by Homebase – A Personas deployment with no customization that shows the richness of the out-of-the-box application


The Pluck Personas application is the platform’s most ambitious and feature-rich application. For most Pluck-driven communities, and for most members of those communities, the Persona is the hub of all social activity.

It is the application in which participants define their site identity and it records and reflects their relationships and interactions on the site.

All of a consumer’s activity in the community feeds into this centralized user profile. A consumer’s Persona automatically reflects their community contributions. This Persona can be discovered by other community participants through friendships, username and avatar attribution throughout the site, which drives engagement and encourages connections. Through Pluck Connectors, the Persona can also import content from and export content to 3rd-party social destinations like Facebook and Twitter.

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