Pluck Polls, with simple questions and graphed results, offers a familiar and efficient vehicle for gathering feedback and stimulating member contribution and interaction.

What it does for you

  • Generates participation and enthusiasm around engaging topics and issues
  • Creates a more interactive community environment
  • Builds a database of community sentiment around topics, products and customers
  • Contributes to community-generated Insights
  • Stimulates community feedback

What’s in it

  • Question Creation
  • View results before and after voting
  • Member, Moderator or Administrator created
  • Integrated into Forums and Groups
  • Customize number of responses
  • Close and re-open Polls
  • Anonymous participation support
  • Rules and Points support

How to use it

  • Opinion polls
  • Contests and promotions
  • Directed feedback


Everyone has an opinion but not everyone is willing to take the time to articulate it. Pluck Polls provides brands with a vehicle for discovering community sentiment via quick, single-click actions against questions with predefined responses.

Polls are easily set up and deployed by community administrators and moderators. But notably, Pluck Polls can also be configured to permit community members create their own polls. Brands benefit twice over from this feature, as they gain understanding of both the questions and the answers that engage their audience.

Pluck Polls displays results of voting. They can also leverage the Pluck Reputation Engine to award community members point for participating in polls. Whether integrated into Forum and Group discussions or attached to content and products, Polls are a popular and familiar tool for engaging engage consumers and building community interactions.

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