Pluck Ratings provides a low-effort entrance into community participation and engagement via quick and simple feedback features.

What it does for you

  • Promotes participants’ feedback
  • Stimulates community interaction
  • Generates a potentially large database of community sentiment

What’s in it

  • Configurable Rating Scale
  • Anonymous User support
  • Integrated Highest Rated Discovery
  • Integrated into Pluck Reviews

How to use it

  • Content feedback
  • Mood gauge
  • Product reaction

See it in action

NFL – Modified the standard Pluck Ratings to let fans rate player performance or coaches’ decisions by twisting a dial


A large number of community members are happy to provide feedback but aren’t committed to writing paragraphs of content. Pluck Ratings provides a simple vehicle for soliciting responses with few barriers to participation.

Rating scales can be customized from the traditional star-based assessment and employed with more creative touches like meters and temperature scales for entertainment.

Customers like the NFL have received tremendous value from ratings by applying them in various forms to players, teams, draft picks and games. While simple, Ratings are an effective way to spawn community participation that draws in users and turns them into regular contributors.

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