Pluck Reactions engages community members and builds interest graphs through quick and simple feedback around content, products and entities.

What it does for you

  • Accelerates the conversion process
  • Captures participants’ feedback
  • Stimulates community interaction
  • Encourages new members to become engaged
  • Builds interest and action lists

What’s in it

  • Configurable Feedback Options: Want It, Like It, Have It
  • Integrated into Comments, Reviews, Forums, Personas, Groups, Galleries and Contests
  • Integrated Facebook Like
  • Highest Score Discovery

How to use it

  • Content feedback
  • Mood gauge
  • Product reaction


For some community members the best way to encourage contribution and engagement is through the simplest of interactions. For these people a single-click, low-friction feedback opportunity can be the first step in becoming a regular contributor.

Pluck Reactions provides a quick and easy true-false action that encourages responses with minimal barriers to participation.

Pluck Reactions includes automated Facebook Like capabilities. It can be customized from the traditional recommend or “thumbs up”. Digital retailers in particular benefit from the ability to deploy Pluck Reactions with shopping-focused choices like “Want It” and “Have It.”

While simple, Reactions are an effective way to track member interest and gain insight around products, customers and market.

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