Pluck Reviews plays a critically important role in collecting and displaying consumers’ assessments of products, services or experiences. Reviews content gives other consumers both information and assurance with regard to their own choices. Pluck reviews are distinguished in their ability to display to consumers reviews from trusted sources such as Facebook friends, brand community friends, and noted reviewers and experts.

What it does for you

  • Informs and educates consumers
  • Establishes brand authority
  • Delivers product and service insights
  • Identifies product authorities
  • Builds consumer affinity
  • Increases traffic

What’s in it

  • Trust Filters
  • Multi-attribute Ratings
  • Social Publishing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Discovery
  • Social Sharing
  • Mobile Web Version
  • Sorting
  • Multimedia support
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Moderation
  • Comments
  • Voting and Scoring

How to use it

  • Product reviews
  • Product ratings
  • Service and offering feedback
  • Company and organization portfolios

See it in action

Target – Features Pluck Reviews and Ratings on every product page, with Attribute-level Ratings, Most Helpful Positive and Negative Reviews

Redbox – Features Pluck Reviews and Ratings of movies and video games, with filtering for Reviews submitted by Friends or Featured Reviewers

Healthspan – Features Pluck Reviews and Ratings of health and nutrition products, with Attribute-level Ratings and filtering for Reviews submitted by Friends or with a particular Rating


Pluck Reviews takes advantage of the latest Web technologies, social media standards and the power of the Pluck integrated community platform to deliver a highly flexible rating and reviews system.

Brands that integrate this system into their Web experience enjoy the well-documented improvements to conversion that come with product reviews. But they find that Pluck Reviews goes further, by helping to grow the brand’s audience, fostering greater consumer engagement with the brand, and increasing conversions through channels not available to other reviews products. Pluck Reviews offers these advantages because it is an element of an integrated community platform.

Pluck Reviews enables consumers to quickly find reviews from trusted sources such as Facebook friends, on-site community friends, and noted reviewers and product experts. It lets consumers establish a unique identity on the brand site and optionally leverage their Facebook profile data, find Facebook friends and create new trusted connections with other consumers in the community. These friends and connections facilitate Trust Filters on product reviews.

Consumers can:

  • vote on individual reviews
  • provide ratings down to the attribute level
  • use attribute ratings’ averages to make more informed decisions
  • note whether they would recommend the product to a friend, and
  • sort reviews by most helpful and most popular.

Manufacturers and Retailers can:

  • view reports with actionable Review Information
  • respond to Reviews inline using branded commenting
  • set up issue tagging so that recurring concerns appearing in Reviews are addressed in a timely fashion, and
  • enable points and badging to reward top contributors.

Advanced moderation controls allow marketers to ensure reviews are not harmful to the community or the brand. Reviewers can also embed photos and videos in their product reviews, making reviews more educational, compelling and interactive. Community members can comment on reviews providing additional insight and reactions.

Embedded social tools allow reviewers to instantly publish their reviews, and site visitors to share the reviews of others, on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Pluck Reviews can be integrated in the on-site product page or in a separate micro-site. In either case Pluck Reviews is SEO friendly, and can improve rankings in natural language search engines and drive consumers to product pages.

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