Pluck Shares allows community members to push links to, and share content with, numerous destinations outside the community. The community benefits from the increased visibility that results, and the inbound traffic growth that follows the sharing.

What it does for you

  • Drives inbound community traffic and referrals
  • Increases community visibility
  • Promotes content and contributions

What’s in it

  • Social Sharing Support for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Delicious, Tumblr, Digg, Reddit, Slashdot, StumbleUpon, Microsoft, and MySpace
  • Configurable URL shortening and tracking
  • Customizable Share options
  • Integration into Pluck Applications
  • Stand-alone support
  • Integrated Rules and Points for Shares and Referrals

How to use it

  • Content linking and promotion
  • Product promotion
  • Traffic driver


Promoting high-value content within a community influences community members and has demonstrated value to community health. Using Pluck Shares to promote high-value community content to people on external destinations attracts new audience members and can help grow community membership.

Pluck Shares gives any community member the ability to share any contribution among their social and professional networks. Shared items link back to the original content in the community. When combined with syndication features and incentives provided by the Pluck Reputation Engine, sharing is a vehicle for exposing new audiences to the community.

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