Pluck Social Sign-on lowers barriers to community participation by making it easy for members and visitors to bring an established persona to the community

What it does for you

  • Eases member acquisition
  • Simplifies the process of contributing to community
  • Enhances understanding and access to member interests

What’s in it

  • Facebook Login Recognition
  • Social Bridging between Pluck Persona and Facebook
  • Native Support in Pluck Reviews, Forums and Comments
  • Integrated Badge Assignment
  • SSO Integration to Native Registration
  • Integrated Automated Login
  • Stand-alone Support Elsewhere in the Community

How to use it

  • Incentivize contributors
  • Call out verified participants
  • Simplify registration


Community members and visitors come with numerous established accounts. As interested as they may be in contributing a review or discussion response, they often are reluctant to create a profile in order to gain access to a brand’s community. Pluck Social Sign-on addresses this issue in a number of ways. It can recognize when members or visitors are already logged into Facebook and permit automated sign-on using that established identity. When coupled with the Pluck Identification Engine, Pluck Sign-on can also tie back to the brand’s core registration process to support simple, efficient member registration.

Pluck Social Sign-on also relies on the Pluck Connection Engine to bridge members’ Personas to their Facebook accounts for access to friends, to enable syndication and to identify users verified through their social identity. Pluck Sign-on can be incorporated throughout the site, which facilitates access to community contributions as well as user acquisition and registrations.

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