The community experience offered by Pluck’s fourteen out-of-the-box applications is enriched by an unrivaled collection of platform capabilities. Each of these capabilities is a combination of Pluck features working together to improve your customers’ community experience while simplifying community development and management for your staff.


With Pluck, your customers can interact with you, their friends and each other, on your website and social destinations, in your stores, and via your contact center, while on their smartphone, tablet or workstation.


Pluck includes a complete set of Gamification capabilities, including points, badges, leader boards. The integration of these features into the platform makes for very powerful motivations and rewards.


Consumers’ online choices are strongly influenced by their sense of confidence and assurance. Pluck has broad capabilities for establishing the trustworthiness of your brand, products and business processes.


Pluck has broad capabilities around controlling undesirable community content and behavior.


Discovery describes Pluck’s platform-wide features for surfacing your community’s best, most popular, and most influential content and contributors.


Pluck’s Mobile capabilities make it simple to extend your brand site community to mobile browsers and smartphone applications.


Pluck applications run natively in Facebook, and the platform provides many ways to syndicate your community content and interactions with the Social Web.


Many of our clients rely on their community content to bring new consumers to their brand. Pluck has always had strong support for SEO, platform-wide.


Pluck easily integrates with your enterprise identification and authentication systems.


Virtually everything that happens in your Pluck community can be moderated. Whether you have a small moderation team or complex, multi-tier moderation requirements Pluck has you covered.


Pluck lets you stratify your community members in support of everything from Gamification to Moderation.