We introduced Gamification to Pluck long before the term caught fire as a buzzword. And with Gamification integrated throughout our broad platform, Pluck is able to deliver on the promise of gamification far beyond any other offering.

Motivating and rewarding behaviors that help your business

Gamification accelerates and enriches the entire online customer lifecycle. “Games” incentivize deeper consumer engagement. Loyal community members convert more and more often, through purchases or contributions. And enthusiasts become ambassadors for your brand. This virtuous cycle becomes a feedback loop that grows the most valuable customer cohorts, and gamification spins the flywheel at every step.

Essential Ingredients

Pluck Gamification is powered by awarding points and badges. In most contexts you’ll want to display these with members’ Personas and in Leader Boards. Fundamental elements of Pluck’s Gamification include:

  • Flexible rules to award points to actions, weighted by what is important to your business goals
  • Points of different “currencies”, to distinguish games from one another, giving you more control over weighted business goals
  • Leader boards (per currency) to encourage friendly competition
  • Relative leader boards to reduce disengagement
  • Badges and levels to reward users with visible status symbols
  • Badges based on points, as well as administrator-assigned badges
  • E-mail and on-screen notifications when badges are awarded
  • Limits on points granted in a single day to reduce “gaming the system”

Pluck’s Unique Advantages

Because Pluck is an integrated community platform, covering features from Moderation to Sharing, we can offer gamification features that no one else can.

  • Second-party awards: Nothing elevates a user’s reputation more than their peers rating their content highly. Pluck supports 2nd-party point awards so that the receiver of a “thumbs up” can earn points and badges on that basis, making their social trustworthiness highly visible.
  • Grant and revoke privileges: Permissions like the ability to post without pre-moderation can be automatically granted when badge levels are achieved, indicating and rewarding a user’s trustworthiness. Privileges and status can also be revoked automatically when abusive content is removed. Pluck supports badge and point deduction when abusive content is removed.
  • User tier restrictions: Pluck enables you to restrict awards based on user tier. For example, you may want to ensure that your staff members do not appear on leader boards, or you may want to weight participation differently for different tiers
  • Points for sharing and trackback: Since Pluck includes Syndication and Sharing features across the platform, it can award points when content is shared out to destinations like Facebook and Twitter. Better yet, we can attribute an inbound visit to the community member who shared the link, awarding points and/or badges, and reliably identifying your key influencers.
  • Trust filtration based on badges: Playing off our 2nd-party award capability, badges can be used to filter lists like Reviews to the most trustworthy (and therefore most influential) content.

If you want to dive deeper into this subject, visit our pages dedicated to our Social Loyalty SolutionUser Tiers and Reputation Engine.

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