The Mobile Web is going Social. The Social Web is going Mobile. Consumer purchase decisions are increasingly driven by customer reviews in the aisles of stores. Sports fans and conference attendees are connecting at live events. The possibilities are still emerging.

Pluck makes it easy to put your community front and center on mobile browsers through optimized Widget presentations, and in your native smartphone applications using our Objective-C and Java SDKs.

Providing a consistent cross-channel experience

As brands extend their community experience beyond their brand site to mobile devices, the consistency of community members’ experiences across channels is important. The challenge lies in the display and interaction limitations mobile applications impose.

Pluck’s mobile support helps developers manage that challenge. Pluck Mobile Widgets are invoked in the same easy, single line of code as Web and SEO Widgets. But without any developer effort, Pluck Mobile Widgets come with presentation and workflow tailored for phones and tablets. And our mobile-ready SDKs have access to all Social Components in the platform, meaning it’s easy to add community features to native mobile applications.

You can learn more about our SDK’s here.