Pluck’s breadth and versatility lets you design the precise community experience that meets your business requirements. Once your community is live, Pluck’s Moderation capabilities help you ensure that consumers get to enjoy the experience you envisioned.

The Internet is filled with spam, and the online world is prone to abusive content. Pluck’s many Moderation features give you complete control over your social environment,  keeping your Community free of content that lowers its value, for example, while permitting a relatively unregulated conversation to take place.  Whether you are an international brand in need of multiple moderation queues, or a smaller online community that can leverage our out-of-the-box queues with a single moderator, our Moderation abilities will keep your Community protected.

Flexible Queuing System

With Pluck, content moderation is governed by a flexible queue system. Moderators select among the Moderation Workbench’s various filtering options – which range from simple to complex – to create queues, which can separate abusive and pending user contributions into multiple buckets delegated across one or more moderators. The Workbench queue system can be configured to dynamically create queues based on multiple content attributes (e.g., content type and taxonomy), and to delegate moderation responsibilities across teams of moderators. The system is capable of separating problematic content or conversations to specific queues for focused moderation. Finally, the system supports pre-moderation of select content, and can flag questionable content for additional review.

Review Methodology

Review and approval of flagged content can be displayed and approved in either bulk mode or sequential mode.  In bulk mode, multiple flagged items can be approved, or denied, at one-time.  In sequential mode, the moderator will review and approve or deny each item individually, and each item must have an action taken on it before the moderator can move on to review the next item.  The review methodology can be discussed with your team to determine the most appropriate mode for your needs.

Abuse Reporting and Moderation

Every Pluck Application and Widget exposes controls for users to easily report content as abusive. Alternatively, Pluck can be configured to require all content to be moderated before it goes live, which lets our clients ensure that their policies are being met. Pre-moderation can be enabled for any or all User Tiers, so that trusted users and staff can publish freely, while less-trusted users must go through moderation.

IP and Metadata Blocking

Much spam originates from a range of IPs. The Pluck Moderation Workbench makes it easy to enable IP blocking. Additionally, if there is identifying metadata in the request – a string that identifies the “bot”, for example – it can be blocked as well.


Listeners can detect patterns in text that may not be abusive, but warrant additional review. For instance, reviews that mention competitors may be positive for your brand, but by capturing hits on Listeners and routing them to the appropriate team, you can be sure that your community doesn’t become an advertising platform for competitors.

User Banning

If all else fails, Pluck Bozo Filters effectively ban users by hiding all their content from the community. Once a troublemaker stops provoking reactions, they will go elsewhere.

There’s more discussion of our Moderation Workbench in the Products section.

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