“Today’s consumers know so much more before they reach the shelf. They find incredible detail online, from every possible source, about the brands and products that matter to them. They browse, dig, explore, dream and master, and then they’re ready to buy with confidence. And what they learn, they share with others.” – Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, Google

Interacting with Customers in an OmniChannel world

Pluck is architected to help retailers and brands with OmniChannel requirements and aspirations.

Our clients are organizations that know they need to be prepared to engage in customer interactions:

  • that range from providing assistance, to soliciting feedback, to hosting long-form contributions, to encouraging identity and reputation building
  • that span the customer life cycle, from audience acquisition and engagement, to conversion, to customer delight and loyalty
  • across a variety of channels, including their websites (or partner or product manufacturer websites), their Facebook pages and other 3rd party social destinations, their stores, and their contact centers
  • on a variety of devices, including workstations, smartphone apps and mobile Web browsers, tablets, and kiosks and other in-store devices
  • involving a range of personalities and roles, including customer-to-customer interactions, but also customer-to-friend, customer-to-shopper, customer-to-support and often customer-to-marketing and customer-to manufacturer

In the OmniChannel world consumers decide when, where and on what device they will research, discuss and share their feelings about brands and products. Companies with distinct Web, Facebook and store experiences are scrambling to deliver a tuned customer experience across every one of their channels, because they can no longer be sure when, why, where and how a consumer interaction might occur.

Essential Ingredients

Pluck supports retailers’ and brands’ OmniChannel initiatives in ways that no other Customer Interaction Platform can,

  • by including the industry’s broadest set of social applications supporting Feedback, Assistance, Contribution and Identity interactions
  • by packaging customer experiences for acquiring and engaging consumers, accelerating conversions and inspiring delight and loyalty
  • by giving retailers and brands a versatile platform for developing the full range of interactions their OmniChannel vision demands
  • by ensuring a single view of the customer across every touch point, powered by Pluck Persona
  • by offering a customer experience that is optimized for Web, mobile browser, and smartphone and tablet apps

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