A community platform should not require developers to optimize community-generated content for search engines. All 14 Pluck Applications and the Widgets they power are engineered for SEO.

SEO is built into Pluck

Every Pluck widget can be invoked with a single REST call on the server-side so that Google and other search engines can crawl the content. The parameters used on the call as well as the content returned are identical to a JavaScript invocation, making it easy to understand and implement the method appropriate for the situation.

Community Groups, Forums, and Blogs all come with search engine-friendly URLs following the latest best practices: URLs include the post title, stop words are removed, “directory depth” is held to a minimum, etc.

The content returned by our widgets also follows SEO best practices, including proper use of H1 tags, equal support of Ajax and traditional (page refresh) navigation, and more.

SEO is one of our core competencies

Search engine optimization is a vital core competency of Demand Media. The Pluck product team routinely refreshes its understanding and implementation of good SEO practice. And, our services teams can help guide an implementation that not only surfaces community content to search engines, but maximizes the effectiveness of that content in generating organic traffic.