User tiering is necessary in virtually all applications, if for no other reason than to distinguish administrators from others. But Pluck User Tiers go beyond the necessary to, for example, empower brands to delineate permission levels and delegate moderation powers to trusted community members.

Access Tiers

In addition to the administrative tier, there are four user tiers without preset access rules. Permissions, such as posting without pre-moderation, can easily be configured per tier. For brands using our multi-domain Portfolio solution, two additional administrative tiers regulate the assignment of administrators to sites and their authority level. A parent brand can use these to control access to constituent sub-sites.

Devolved Moderation

Administrators have broad access to moderation and management tools, but any user can be elevated to moderator status. Moderators are assigned to queues distinguished by numerous criteria, including content type, tags, spam detection, and more. Therefore, authority can be tightly defined and roles specialized. Users can also be set as moderators of a particular Forum or Community Group.

Anonymous engagement

Some communities benefit when users must be authenticated to contribute. Others are more vibrant when some content can be created anonymously. Typically, text and media require authentication while simpler interactions, like Scoring and abuse reporting, do not. Specialized applications may not follow this pattern. Pluck has very flexible configurations controlling anonymous permissions.