Pluck has 6 essential features that play together to power trust

Trust is essential to good brand communities. For example, Trust distinguishes a shopping experience full of fake reviews and inflated ratings from an experience that honestly informs purchase decisions. Trust raises the level of discourse and makes it obvious that brand advocates aren’t perversely motivated. Ultimately, trust leads to increased conversions.

Content scoring

Thumbs up and thumbs down controls are included on all text-based applications as well as Pluck Galleries. This lets the community itself decide what content is worthwhile. Cream rises to the top.


Leader board position, earned badge levels, administrator-assigned badges, and 2nd-party point awards form a powerful tool for not only incentivizing useful behavior, but also highlighting the most valuable community members. Pluck Gamification is uniquely tied to the entire platform, including features like filtered collections, user tiers, and scores.

Filters and sorting

Lists of Pluck content – Reviews, for example – can be filtered and sorted by reputation of the user (through badges and friendship), or reputation of the contribution (such as the net score of a review). This allows consumers to cut through clutter and go directly to the most influential content.


Pluck allows community members to connect with one another via both friend and follower relationships. Consumers believe in and engage more with content from this “owned social graph”. Pluck applications allow consumers to narrow their view to only their friends’ contributions.

Social sign-on

When a community is populated by members using a verified identity, trustworthiness increases. By allowing newcomers to authenticate through Facebook, Pluck encourages polite and fruitful interactions.

Moderation Controls

An open but well-regulated community, like a spacious well-lit store, simply feels better to guests and contributors. Ranging across everything from user tiers and spam detection to abuse reporting, Pluck’s unified moderation capabilities empower brands to keep the participation quality high.