Interaction-intensive customer experiences are rich with highlights, cross-references, interesting discoveries and more. Pluck Collections help consumers discover this compelling content.

Pluck Collections is a set of out-of-the-box widgets that can be displayed in Web, mobile, Facebook and other page templates. Populated by the Pluck Recommendation, Participation and Reputation Engines with content that can cross Pluck Applications, the Collections represent “best of” groupings of interesting and linked items.

Pluck Collections can be displayed anywhere, including on home pages, section fronts, category pages, and product templates. Brands will often include Collections in their social channels and micro-sites to help drive audience to a primary owned media destination.

One of the most productive uses of Pluck Collections is on top-level Community Pages. Mixed with other social elements, and clearly designated as navigation to high-value interaction-based content, Pluck Collections can provide a powerful anchor to a brand’s social gateway[s].

Pluck Collections can be managed in Pluck’s Workbenches and other tools. They are built for rapid, predictable, consistent displays. Drop us a note to Learn More.


Promotes community content or contributions that have received the highest community ratings. Filter lists to the best contributions.


Frequently used in conjunction with Reactions, Ratings, Comments and Reviews, where it can focus community members’ attention on products and content attracting the largest number of contributions.


Highlights the latest instance of a given community contribution, content item or activity type, encouraging interaction and participation.


Surface content, products and topics of interest to community members. Lists generates insight and influences related content and product suggestions based on the use of Pluck Reactions.


Pluck Leaders showcases influential community members based on activity, contributions and community feedback across the Pluck platform, promoting valued contributors and encouraging participation.


Uses the Pluck Participation Engine to identify community members who are logged in and active in the community, which helps establish a sense of availability and interaction.


Provides collections of useful content related to searches and inquiries.