Pluck Highest promotes community content or contributions that have received the highest community ratings, as captured by Pluck Reactions.

What it does for you

  • Drives traffic to top items based on qualitative scores
  • Enables sorting and filtering of best contributions
  • Generates interest and discovery

What’s in it

  • Most Recommended, Highest Rated calculations
  • Filter by Sections, Categories and Tags
  • Configurable number of items
  • Support across Comments, Reviews, Blogs, Forums and Galleries

How to use it

  • Feature top contributions
  • Promote best products and entities
  • Community hub component


Some community members seek assurance about products or content by evaluating the community’s direct feedback. For them, items that have garnered the most positive feedback or highest ratings are more likely to win their consideration. Pluck Highest reflects contributions like most helpful reviews and highest scored comments or discussions, which brings attention to the most favored contributions in the community.

Using the Pluck Recommendation Engine, Pluck Highest spans content types like Comments, Reviews, Blogs, Forums and Galleries to surface and filter the highest scoring items based on Pluck Reactions and Pluck Ratings. This connects users to the content the community finds to be the most helpful, interesting and well-thought, driving user affinity and trust. It also encourages the community to provide feedback around the contributions they find valuable.

Pluck Highest is a useful component on a Community Page. It also serves well as components that augment existing content and product pages, driving visibility and additional traffic.

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