Pluck Leaders showcases influential community members based on activity, contributions and community feedback across the Pluck Platform, promoting valued contributors and encouraging participation.

What it does for you

  • Promotes influencers
  • Identifies advocates
  • Encourages contributions

What’s in it

  • Ranked User List
  • Flexible rules configurations
  • Relies on Reputation Engine
  • Optional display of Points
  • Support for one or more Leader Boards

How to use it

  • Drive competition and engagement
  • Internal identification of influencers
  • Community-wide promotion of valued users


Community member contributions are valued not only for the education and insight they provide other members but also for their ability to identify advocates and community influencers.

Pluck Leaders facilitates this through the compilation and display of top community members based on cumulative activities and contributions driven by the Pluck Reputation Engine.

Leaders Collections can be used purely for internal purposes, providing community managers clear insight into the most active members, or as public leader boards that encourage action and competition. Leaders can be derived from contributions of just a particular type or section of the community, or cut across all types of content and site topics. With second-party support, Leaders can be based on only those contributions with positive feedback, rewarding quality over quantity.

Leaders provides a powerful tool for learning about consumers, enthusiasts and brand loyalists. It can be channeled into building passionate evangelists for products, brands and the community.

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