Pluck Lists surfaces content, products and topics of interest to community members. Lists generates insight and influences related content and product suggestions based on the use of Pluck Reactions.

What it does for you

  • Reflects member-associated people, products and topics
  • Builds sets of interest for promotion
  • Encourages interaction through visibility and action

What’s in it

  • Lists of Actions and Contributions
  • Links of Content or Objects identified in Pluck Reactions
  • Support for Custom Activities

How to use it

  • Product wish and purchase lists
  • Activity history and record
  • Track topics and items of interest


The ubiquity of the Like button proves that consumers are happy to identify themselves with topics, products and entities that they care about. Pluck Lists provides a way to articulate community members’ expressions of likes, wants and haves as captured in Pluck Reactions. Custom actions can record members’ activities outside of the Pluck platform – purchases, for example – that can be included in Lists and surfaced to friends and followers.

Whether to promote simple self-expression or build interest graphs that can be shared with friends and family, Pluck Lists provides a powerful vehicle for understanding community members’ interests, and in turn can drive registrations, clicks and purchases. Lists can be used through activity and history feeds in Pluck Personas or as a component of Community Pages. They can also be displayed throughout the community and follow members, powering personalization and connectivity.

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