Pluck Most is most frequently used in conjunction with Pluck Reactions, Ratings, Comments and Reviews, where it can focus community members’ attention on products and content attracting the largest number of contributions.

What it does for you

  • Drives traffic to popular products and content
  • Highlights active contributions
  • Generates interest and discovery

What’s in it

How to use it

  • Feature top areas of interest
  • Promote items with the most feedback
  • Community hub component


Many community members draw assurance about the quality of content, products or interest areas from the views of others. For them, information about “most liked” or “most commented on” as delivered by Pluck Most is extremely valuable. Pluck Most leverages user contributions and the Pluck Recommendation Engine to drive new traffic and interest to what the community regards as the most engaging items.

Pluck Most surfaces items that have attracted community interest by tracking community members’ behavior in Pluck RecommendationsRatings, Comments and Reviews. Configurable time frames keep Most Collections fresh by limiting how far back to look for items with the most feedback. Pluck Most can span contribution types or be limited based on sections, categories and tags to highlight the most active, relevant items in a given context.

Pluck Most is a useful component of a Community Page, where it can help highlight the most popular, recent and interesting community activity. It also serves well as a component that augments existing content and product pages, driving visibility and additional traffic.

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