Pluck Presence uses the Pluck Participation Engine to identify community members who are logged in and active in the community, which helps establish a sense of availability and interaction.

What it does for you

  • Illuminates community participants
  • Improves responsiveness
  • Attracts member interaction and communication

What’s in it

  • Compilation of Online Members and Visitors
  • Customizable Site Paths considered for participation
  • Ability to return lists of members online
  • Detection of Community Presence by a Particular Member
  • Configurable Windows for participation and refresh

How to use it

  • Highlight user availability
  • Improve member connectivity
  • Promote community engagement


Newcomers to a community look for signs of activity and participation. Pluck Presence relies on the Pluck Participation Engine to illuminate the presence of others and reinforces a sense of companionship among community contributors through on-line indicators like counts and lists of members.

With direct integration in applications like Pluck Forums, Pluck Presence can surface the number and names of members online community-wide, or in a particular part of the community. Via the Pluck API, the Participation Engine can also track online presence anywhere in the community independent of Pluck Application.

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