Pluck Recent highlights the latest instance of a given community contribution, content item or activity type, encouraging interaction and participation.

What it does for you

  • Adds sense of life and vitality
  • Encourages user participation
  • Drives traffic and page views

What’s in it

  • Links to Interactions and Objects of Interaction
  • Configurable Time Windows for activity consideration
  • Limit by Tags and Site
  • Cross-cutting Community Feed
  • Filter by Sections and Categories

How to use it

  • Expose current activity and users
  • Aggregate ongoing contributions
  • Highlight specific subsets of interactions


Community members seek out a community’s most recent activity to understand the current buzz. Pluck Recent utilizes the Pluck Recommendation Engine to promote and reflect a community’s latest actions and contributions. Members consume this information through Activity Feeds and links to corresponding content. Recent Collections gets more information in front of community members, and creates more opportunities for them to consume community content and engage around the community’s current hot spots.

Pluck Recent can be used in the aggregate as a cross-content community feed. By limiting its focus to certain content and media types, sections and categories it can report in a narrower context. Pluck Recent can also report on recently active users, which builds a sense of community activity and momentum.

Since recentness is relative to a given community and audience, Recent Collections can be configured to look at a particular time frame. Members of more casual communities may be comfortable with longer time frames, whereas a smaller turnaround may be more useful in a hyperactive community.

Pluck Recent is most effective when placed in a Community Page, where it can help highlight the most recent, popular and interesting community activity. Recent Collections also serves well as components that augment existing content and product pages, driving visibility and additional traffic.

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