Pluck Results provides collections of useful content related to member-provided searches and inquiries.

What it does for you

  • Increases content discoverability
  • Enables member-driven research
  • Facilitates access to all content regardless of recentness or activity

What’s in it

  • Indexed Content Search across content types
  • Advanced Search within content types like Groups and Forums
  • Automated Indexing and Updating
  • Member Search
  • Title, Content, Date and Member-based indexing

How to use it

  • Custom and advanced search options
  • Administrative insight and discovery
  • Cross-content and archival contribution access


Most community interactions focus on content that is the most popular or most recent, but community members often need to find content that does not fall into either of these categories. Search-based discovery is just as important as Recent, Popular and Feedback-oriented contributions. Pluck Results powers member-driven exploration, with content-specific and cross-platform search capabilities.

Pluck Results is embedded in applications like Forums and Groups, allowing community members to search topics and discussions and exercise advanced options like date ranges, keyword or phrase matching and title or complete content searches. Pluck Workbenches also include the ability to search for specific contribution types and users. The Pluck API supports searching across content types, which can be used directly or as a compliment to existing site search capabilities.

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