Every great product or experience invariably is powered by interoperating world-class components “under the hood”. Pluck Engines are the collection of powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) assets that drive every pre-built and custom Pluck customer experience.

The ten Pluck Engines represent five years and hundreds of thousands of product development hours. They are built to do more, in more ways, faster and more reliably, than any product on market.

Proven through more than 600 client deployments on some of the largest and most vibrant digital properties – Target, Kraft Foods, the NFL and AARP, Target, among others – Pluck Engines consistently beat uptime expectations, deliver call responses in milliseconds, and handle thousands of transactions per second (TPS) for single customers – all without missing a beat. For more information how these Engines are built, please visit our Technology section.

All 10 Pluck Engines are accessible through the Pluck API, both directly via our six SDKs and through Pluck Applications and Collections. They are controlled and coordinated via a unique, client-managed set of single-tenant environments and processes, including the Pluck Workbenches.

Through the Pluck Engines your team has access to all the objects and actions that power social media experiences. With this unparalleled collection of customer experience building blocks you can create ground-breaking and unique sets of consumer interactions without having to develop or cobble together core platform elements.


Pluck’s gamification engine identifies, monitors, rewards and motivates influential and engaged consumers members using Points, Badges and Rankings.


Monitors customers’ presence and activity, and tracks and indicates when they are logged into, and interacting in, the Pluck environment..


Generates collections of compelling contributions based on criteria like recent, highest and most.


Powers the sharing and syndication of Pluck-hosted interactions to numerous external destinations, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.


Uses automated messages to keep consumers connected to the customer experience even when not logged in.


Enables friending or following within a Pluck-powered customer experience.


Makes it possible for brands to bridge their communities or other customer experiences to the broader social Web.


Manages the connection of actions and content with the consumer who performed the action.


Powers the control, management and oversight of consumers and their interactions through automated processing, analysis and configurable rules applied against consumer-generated content.


Enables brands to provide an interactive customer experience that supports multiple native languages simultaneously from a single hosted software instance.