The Pluck Connection Engine enables bidirectional bridges between Pluck communities and destinations in the broader social Web.

What it does for you

  • Encourages importation of relationships
  • Fosters syndication of activities, driving return traffic
  • Enables community members and visitors to participate using any identity they choose

What’s in it

  • Native LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Support
  • Loose account binding for multi-profile participation
  • State management across browser sessions
  • Twitter status updates available from Pluck Personas
  • Friends and followers invitation and transfer capabilities


The Pluck Connection Engine let brands build feature-rich, high-value social bridges between their Pluck-powered communities and major social destinations such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. For community members, the Connection Engine preserves meaningful social context and puts them in control of how information, activities and contributions are shared across destinations.

For brands, the Pluck Connection Engine is a valuable contributor to community engagement and traffic, extending reach. Coordination with Pluck Identification and Syndication Engines ensures the preservation of identity and the appropriate attribution of contributions across multiple channels.

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