The Pluck Identification Engine manages the connection of actions and content with the user that performed the action.

What it does for you

  • Establishes identify of members and visitors
  • Encourages civil and positive contributions by associating each community interaction with the contributor’s identity
  • Connects participants’ various identities between your authentication system and selected Social Networks

What’s in it

  • Contributor association with every interaction and content element
  • Secure, encrypted member identification across multiple destinations
  • Simple integration directly to the brand’s authentication system
  • Native Facebook support
  • Management of association between Social Network identity and the brand’s authentication system
  • Synchronization of profile information between Social Network accounts and the brand’s website


The Pluck Identification Engine lets you establish a named relationship with visitors to your brand site, regardless of the manner in which those visitors choose to identify themselves. This identity is incorporated into every interaction that the visitor has with your community, and establishes them as a real person in their interactions with your community and its members. This connection between a person, their account, and their community interactions builds presence, context, and rapport, and connects the visitor to your brand.

In addition to managing a community participant’s association with their own contributions, the Pluck Identification Engine is a platform for bridging identify from Social Networks back to your website and registration system. For visitors to the community, this gives them an easy and trusted mechanism for participating within the community on your website. And for community members, this offers an easier path to signing into your community. Social sign-on, enabled by the Pluck Identification Engine, lowers the barrier for registration and contribution.

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