The Pluck Localization Engine enables communities that support multiple native languages simultaneously from a single hosted software instance.

What it does for you

  • Equips one community platform to operate globally
  • Empowers language-segmented moderation
  • Offers options for language-specific experiences

What’s in it

  • Externalized string files for easy management
  • Double-byte character support
  • Browser detection capabilities
  • Proven translations across 10+ languages


The Pluck Localization Engine gives brands like Intel and L’Oreal the ability to manage integrated, localized community experiences from a single platform. Designed to operate across countries, dialects and time zones, the Localization Engine permits one instance of the Pluck server (delivered in a SaaS model) to include multiple string files, thus enabling all community experiences to be delivered in a user-friendly, localized fashion.

The Engine also makes it possible segment by language, at the Application and Collections levels, community contributions, member feedback, communications and representations. Control of language can be set by browser or can be dictated by third-party services with which Pluck is integrated (Web, Facebook and/or mobile).

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