The Pluck Notification Engine uses automated email and private messages to keep members connected to a community even when they’re not logged in.

What it does for you

  • Apprises community members of ongoing activity
  • Encourages connectedness between individual community members
    and the broader community
  • Facilitates communication between friends, followers, moderators
    and community managers

What’s in it

  • Automated Email Notifications
  • Group Digests
  • Private Message Notifications
  • Badge Events
  • Forum Subscriptions
  • Moderation Updates
  • Friend and Follower Requests
  • Message Template Management and Customization


Keeping community members connected when they’re not online is invaluable to cultivating loyalty among members and encouraging ongoing quality community participation. The Pluck Notification Engine keeps members connected with the community and other members with emails and private messages that update the member on community and member activities. The Notification Engine provides automated notifications of member actions such as friend requests and public messages. It also sends updates on new contributions based on discussion subscriptions and digests, and supports peer-to-peer private messages.

Notifications are built into such applications as Pluck Forums, with discussion and forum-level subscriptions; Groups, with activity and digest notifications; and Personas, for friend requests, and public and private messages. Community members can manage notifications from their Pluck Persona, and can opt to disable particular notifications, or all notifications, at any time.

The Notification Engine also supports customized email templates. It supports new notification triggers based on callback events available though the Pluck API. The Engine’s robust configuration options let brands enable or disable particular notification capabilities.

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