The Pluck Participation Engine monitors community member presence and activity, and tracks and indicates when members are logged into the community.

What it does for you

  • Powers indicators of community activity
  • Improves community responsiveness
  • Empowers member interaction and communication

What’s in it

  • Compilation of all online participants
  • Detection of community activity by a particular member
  • Customization of presence tracking


User Presence drives a sense of engagement and interaction within a site. Community members are often reluctant to participate when they sense there’s no one around to pay attention. It’s important to give consumers a sense of being accompanied as they browse the community, so knowing when other members are online and active is an important capability.

The Participation Engine continually processes the actions and views of community members to note whether they are currently online and actively participating. Applications such as Forums automatically track member presence, and other Pluck Applications can be configured to do so. This tracking can be used to provide a list of active members, note next to their profile when members are online, and optionally display the total number of logged in members and anonymous participants community-wide, in a particular section of the community, or on a particular page.

The Participation Engine can track interaction with non-Pluck pages through use of the Pluck API. The Engine can also note recent participants within just particular portions of the site or across a broad base of pages and sections.

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