The Pluck Recommendation Engine generates collections of compelling contributions based on criteria like recent, highest and most.

What it does for you

  • Guides consumers to influential content
  • Illuminates community activity
  • Increases page views and time on site
  • Promotes interesting and valuable contributions
  • Encourages user feedback and participation

What’s in it

  • Community feed
  • Most contributions
  • View tracking
  • Recent activity
  • Highest rated contributions
  • Most helpful


Successful communities promote content that is most likely to influence the behavior of their members. Helping community participants to discover the best a community has to offer creates a cycle of rewarding quality contributions through exposure, while increasing the value of the community to members and visitors.

The Pluck Recommendation Engine lets community developers and managers surface particular content or activities – most recent or most highly rated reviews, blog posts and forum discussions, for example – in real time through Pluck Collections. The Pluck Recommendation Engine works with multiple content types, including products, articles, reviews, blogs, forums, personas, photos, and videos, among others.

The results can be processed through a wide range of filters, including user tier, content type, category, section, and site. Results are cached on an interval basis to ensure the highest response times. Built-in functionality is included with Pluck Applications, and is exposed for programmatic access in the SDKs. Using these SDKs, developers can add custom recommendation features to their communities, (e.g., a custom recent activity application, built in Flash, showing newly contributed photos).

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