The Pluck Relation Engine enables brands to incorporate friending or following within their community.

What it does for you

  • Fuels online sharing and customer loyalty
  • Enables bidirectional or unilateral relationship management
  • Drives Trust Filters, allowing personalized presentation
  • Powers activity feeds within Pluck Personas

What’s in it

  • Friendship management for bidirectional confirmation
  • Following controls for unilateral updates
  • Integration with Reputation Engine for point delivery
  • Fusion with Notification Engine to help prevent spam
  • Relationship importation from third party systems


The Pluck Relation Engine powers the myriad of personal networks within a Pluck community. Whereas the Pluck Connection Engine helps community members import, encourage and manage existing friendships from social networks like Facebook, the Pluck Relation Engine is the intelligence and control behind the management of friend or follower status for owned media experiences (crossing Web, social and mobile community entrance points).

With a variety of configuration options and control settings, the Pluck Relation Engine enables mapping of appropriate authorization and programming controls. Community members can be given points and badges for quantity and quality of relationship actions. And friendship or followership status can be used to highlight trusted content, especially in key high volume areas like Comments or Reviews.

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