The Pluck Reputation Engine powers the platform’s Gamification features. It provides the ability to identify, monitor, reward and ultimately motivate influential and unusually engaged community members through the use of Points, Badges and Rankings.

What it does for you

  • Rewards consumer engagement
  • Identifies influential community members
  • Promotes more and higher quality contributions
  • Incentivizes consumer interaction and collaboration

What’s in it

  • Assigned Badges
  • Points Scoring
  • Rules Grammar and Management
  • Custom Action Support
  • Earned Badges
  • Leader and Rank Generation
  • Second-party Actions
  • Automated Tier Management


Social reputation is an asset that most community members value. The Pluck Reputation Engine lets community designers and managers engage and motivate their members by encouraging and rewarding behaviors that enhance the community.

The Reputation Engine features a number of tools, including rules management, and a number of incentives, including badges, points, and leader boards, that developers and community managers can associate with virtually any community activity or contribution.

Pluck customers have used the Pluck Reputation Engine in pursuit of a variety of objectives. They nurture reputation in order to foster community interaction and social networking; to stimulate engagement, loyalty and member retention; to encourage submission of customer insights and other contributions; to make it easier to identify influential or otherwise standout community members; and to support conversion and other monetization initiatives.

The Pluck Reputation Engine offers support for both earned and community manager-assigned badges. It supports community and section leader boards. It can detect and acknowledge both native community and external actions. It works with the Pluck Moderation Engine, can be accessed from the Pluck API, and can be managed from the Community Workbench.

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