The Pluck Syndication Engine powers the sharing and syndication of community members’ contributions to numerous external destinations, including Facebook.

What it does for you

  • Publishes community content beyond the community
  • Drives community traffic and referrals from external sources
  • Enables content portability and integration

What’s in it

  • Social Sharing to 12 Online Destinations
  • Social Syndication to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • RSS and Feed Support
  • Content Download


The Pluck Syndication Engine makes it possible for community members to push content out to social and other destinations. Whether enabling the viral spread of compelling content or integrating content to distribution platforms, the Syndication Engine is an enabler of content dissemination and community growth.

The Engine’s Social Sharing features let community members push content out to Google, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular destinations. The Engine’s Social Syndication features let members leverage their connections to particular social accounts to broadcast their own community contributions to their Twitter stream, Facebook feed or LinkedIn status. Both of these Syndication Engine features increase the visibility of the brand’s community and drive more inbound traffic and referrals.

The Engine’s standard RSS feed distributes content generated in Pluck Blogs, Forums, Comments and Personas to RSS readers and third-party aggregation tools. This provides another rich source of traffic referrals and a simple method for circulating content through other services.

The Engine’s Content Download feature supports direct content sharing and syndication to internal or external systems, which broadens content promotion and distribution.

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