Every underlying Pluck Technology is designed to support customer interactions on the largest and most visited websites in the world. Pluck Technology comprises traditional presentation, logic and data layers. These layers power Pluck’s integrated capabilities through ApplicationsCollections and Engines, accessed through the Pluck API and managed by Pluck Workbenches. Each layer of the Pluck stack, including our dedicated hosting environment, is designed with scale and performance in mind while supporting a wide set of capabilities and maintaining flexibility.

Four technology elements

Presentation. The Pluck Presentation layer renders Pluck Applications and Collections to the end-user, delivering a balance of personalization and search optimization.

Processing. The Pluck Processing layer handles Pluck Engine business logic and manages end-to-end delivery of Data to Presentation.

Data. The Pluck Data layer is powerful and robust and supports numerous media types with little dependency on third-party data management.

Performance. Pluck software and hosting environments are constructed to perform at scale for the most trafficked and active on-line communities.

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