Pluck’s Presentation Technology layer manages every aspect of the Pluck community member’s experience. It gives brands the flexibility and power to seamlessly integrate community features into their sites, mobile applications and Facebook pages.

What it does for you

  • Creates a fully integrated, consistent community experience
  • Enables assignment of consistent, custom themes to Pluck Applications
  • Promotes accelerated community development with proven social applications
  • Delivers world-class community experiences that reflect lessons learned from over 600 Pluck customers

What’s in it

  • Simple Javascript Invocation and Configuration
  • CSS Customization through in-page or locally hosted overrides
  • Namespaced jQuery Library prevents collisions with existing functionality
  • Pluck Application Workbench offers access to the Boo UI templates and Python application logic


The Pluck Presentation Technology layer powers the full suite of Pluck Applications, delivering a consistent user experience based on proven design and interaction patterns. Brands can customize these Applications to seamlessly integrate them into their existing Web, mobile or Facebook experience.

Brands can modify the presentation of Pluck Applications as much or as little as their needs, resources and timeline permit. Pre-built themes can be lightly customized via CSS overrides to change colors, hide or show features, and size items to fit the brand’s framework. If desired, developers can create their own themes and take full control using the Boo- and Python-based Pluck template system.

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