As you would expect in a true enterprise customer interaction platform, Pluck includes a complete set of oversight and management tools intended for stakeholders throughout the organization.

Pluck includes three separate management workbenches that provide detailed insight into and complete control over distinct areas of Pluck development, deployment and management. The Community Workbench, Moderation Workbench and Analytics Workbench empower a variety of business stakeholders across various roles to understand and influence what is happening in their Pluck-powered customer experiences.

Three primary tools form the Pluck Workbenches:

#1 Community

The Community Workbench enables access to Pluck configuration settings, search and management of content and participants and administration of social components

#2 Moderation

The Moderation Workbench lets moderators define content queues, manage moderator assignments and take moderation action on designated content

#3 Analytics

The Analytics Workbench provides insight into current content and consumer activity, downloadable aggregated reports and searchable activity logs
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