The Pluck Analytics Workbench delivers actionable community and business intelligence to your key stakeholders, including executives, editors, site administrators and community managers. It surfaces popular content, tracks and measures community growth, and identifies valuable users and community hotspots.

What it does for you

  • Reports on community health
  • Highlights community problems
  • Surfaces popular content and influential consumers
  • Delivers customer, product and market insights

What’s in it

  • Core Activity Reports
  • Multi-Site Aggregation
  • Intuitive Graphical Dashboard
  • Integrated Reports Archive


The Analytics Workbench offers a collection of core activity reports on content, community members and moderation. These reports are delivered via an intuitive graphical dashboard that offers an elegant visual representation of community data and insights. The reports are also available for download in multiple output formats.

The Workbench makes it easy to aggregate community-related intelligence from various properties into one centralized analysis platform. And it provides an unlimited scope of analysis, with a lifetime of community data available for customized segmentation and data mining.

As a business-centric social media intelligence delivery platform, the Analytics Workbench helps brands to achieve their community and business objectives, allocate resources more effectively and uncover new marketing opportunities through online community.

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