The Pluck Community Management Workbench (CMW) helps brands cultivate, control and manage their online communities. The tool’s advanced and customizable workflows reflect our experience with over 600 enterprise-class community deployments.

What it does for you

  • Provides a central community management platform
  • Offers an easily consumed snapshot of community activity
  • Includes dedicated views into each deployed Pluck Application
  • Provides comprehensive tracking and management of people and content

What’s in it

  • Content Management
  • User Management
  • Abuse Management
  • Community Reporting


Primarily intended for community managers and moderators, the CMW provides 360-degree visibility into community activity, while offering a central environment for community management and protection.

The CMW offers a number of features that help community managers monitor, approve and reject content. It supports blocked, allowed and wildcard word lists and offers contextual analysis to address potentially offensive words. It also gives managers the option of setting moderation policies on select content pieces.

The Workbench provides a number of user management tools. It helps community managers assign and manage community participants along multiple dimensions. For example, it lets managers set up multiple user tiers, each with distinct privileges and management protocols. Managers can maintain a snapshot of each participant’s community history. The CMW provides for blocking of specific participants. It can produce algorithmically generated abuse reports and maintain abusive user lists. It offers a “Bozo Filter” which isolates abusive users. The Community Management Workbench is also the place where Pluck’s Gamification features are managed.

Finally, the Workbench lets brands consolidate registration and authentication systems through SSO, giving them unified views of site participants and new site registration systems.

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