Pluck Moderation Workbench is a flexible tool designed for a variety of communities. Brands with large communities, diverse site content and multiple moderators can divide work across multiple queues to adapt to high volume situations. Organizations with smaller or simpler communities or single moderators can leverage the workbench’s out-of-the-box queues to efficiently manage new content.

What it does for you

  • Supports quick action on abusive content and conduct
  • Immediately and efficiently detects spam and trolling
  • Accommodates your team structure and workflow
  • Reports on moderators’ activity

What’s in it

  • Flexible workflows and routing
  • Keyword, IP and data blocking
  • Integration with anti-spam technology
  • Broad user management features
  • Key word and phrase Listeners
  • Full and flexible reporting


In Pluck’s Moderation Workbench, content moderation is governed by a flexible queue system. Moderators select among the Moderation Workbench’s various filtering options – which range from simple to complex – to create queues. These queues can separate abusive and pending user contributions into multiple buckets delegated across one or more moderators. The Workbench queue system can be configured to dynamically create queues based on multiple content attributes (e.g., content type and taxonomy), and to delegate moderation responsibilities across teams of moderators. If required, the Workbench can separate problematic content or conversations to specific queues for focused moderation. Finally, the system supports pre-moderation of select content, and can flag questionable content for additional review.

The Moderation Workbench was built to support quick action on abusive content. It makes it easy for moderators to keep, delete or block abusive content, and apply abuse immunity to acceptable content. It can also be configured to flag and sort abusive content for additional review, and surface content needing immediate review.

In addition to content moderation, the Moderation Workbench offers a wealth of functionality for managing the people behind abusive or problematic content. Using the Workbench, moderators can review a community participant’s profile and their list of community contributions, including any prior abuse reports. The Workbench gives moderators the option of placing comments against a participant’s account. From within the Workbench moderators can also contact community participants, block them, and move them from one user tier to another.

The Moderation Workbench also provides advanced spam and troll management capabilities. Through integration with leading anti-spam providers Akismet and Typepad, the Moderation Workbench can quickly identify spam and block the submission outright or allow moderators to react. The Workbench provides feedback to the anti-spam vendors so they can learn, adapt and improve their lists. The Workbench supports blocking by full or partial IP Address, and supports blocking metadata. Web teams can also leverage Moderation Workbench word filters to block abusive language before it ever hits the site.

The Workbench logs all moderation activity and makes its reports accessible through the Pluck Community Workbench. It can aggregate activity into daily reporting on all actions taken by moderators, including by moderator, by type of activity and by all deleted items.

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