Social Commerce is more than Product Reviews

You no doubt understand that putting reviews next to your product information can influence consumers who have intent to purchase.

But there are so many other social features you could be adding to your site to grow other aspects of your business.

For example, what are you doing to attract new consumers to your brand? To engage those visitors around content and conversation that is core to your offer?

And what are you doing to foster real, enduring customer loyalty? To surface your most influential enthusiasts and turn them into ambassadors for your brand?

Pluck is the Social Commerce platform of choice for market leaders like Target, Redbox, Whole Foods Market and more than 600 other retailers and brands. It offers feature-rich Ratings & Reviews that restore Trust to online shopping. It also includes Forums, Galleries, Q&A, Gamification and much more.

We’d like to share our Blueprint for Social Commerce with you. It’s a practical, prescriptive guide to growing your audience and driving conversion. Register below for a complimentary summary of our 50-page Blueprint.

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for a complimentary summary of our 50-page Social Commerce Blueprint.

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